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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

The Shit Doesn't Stop

A piece in the Thursday, February 9th New York Times detailed the recent dismissal of a suit brought against "Donald Rumsfeld and other military officials". The suit was filed by four British citizens who were interned at Guantanamo and cited "repeated beatings, death threats, interrogation at gunpoint, forced nakedness and menacing with unmuzzled dogs." Regardless of the clearly illegal nature of the detention, a disregard to Amendments 4, 5, 6 and 8 in the Bill of Rights if the prisoner is an American and just plain fucked up for a person of any nationality, the reason for dismissal is equally disturbing. "Judge M. Urbina on Monday ruled that the defendants were acting in their official government capacity and thus a longstanding legal doctrine made them immune from such a lawsuit." Ah, of course, people in power don't have to follow the laws. Or you could take the other standpoint that no one is above the law. Seems to me that in 1215 the Magna Carta started the idea that no one, not even the Monarch, was above the law. So fuck an idea that has been central to the development of western political and moral thought for nearly 800 years, screw it. Please tell me people aren't so frightened that letting assholes off on a pathetic "well powerful people abuse their position all the time so who cares" exscuse won't fly. Grab a set, don't let people continually fuck you in the ass on the premise of protecting you without even putting up a fight.

If you catch a citizen from ANY country on the field of war - he is a POW. As long as he is wearing the colors of the nation for which he fights.

If not, he is a spy and is to be shot on site OR detained.

THAT is as the Geneva Convention articles state.

If you have issues with THAT - call Kofi Annan and request the Articles be changed.

It's a moot point really - the enemy just holds our people hostage or lops their fucking heads off. Or burns them to death.

This is a new war. I agree there needs to be some changes.

I don't agree that POWs OR detanees have any standing in US courts be they civil or criminal.

Steel Turman, this is Zach, Will's friend and the guy you ripped on my post, I agree totally with what you say, if an asshole is wearing the enemy's colors, or aiding them in any provable way, fuck him, bullet to the head, go for it I'll pull the trigger if I have to. The only thing I was trying to say was the reasoning behind the dismissal is a bit weak, at least try to persuade those interested in the reputablity of your decision. I definitly should look into the case more to see how the British citizens were apprehended to be able to make a more informed decision; but I still want a more legal and less bullshit reason for dismissal. I'll admit that I'm a bit idealistic when it comes to POWs because I think our military can beat the hell out of anyone elses without resorting to torture or whatever one defines as inhumane treatment. Thanks for the interest and the first comment on this blog, I'd rather someone told me I was an asshole than was silent.

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