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Monday, February 13, 2006 

A midnight trip to the store.

I have nothing to drink in my apartment besides coca-cola, dr. pepper, old milk, beer, tequila, and tap water. The table in my room has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 soda cans on it from today alone. I am sick of soda, tequila and beer on a Sunday night...ummm no thank you, tap water...eh. So I pick my lazy ass out of my sofa and decide to drive up the street to get a snapple. I get to the counter and hand the clerk a c-note, the only bill I have in my wallet. The clerk can't change it out and sends me on my way.

Outside, I am approached by a man who looks like he's had one hell of a rough night, and who also saw me get turned down by the clerk. I tell him that I only have a 100 dollar bill and that he certainly isn't getting it. He tells me that he is out of gas by the Sands and ends up asking me for a ride down there. Still empty handed as far as snapples are concerned I tell him that I will give him a lift. My entire train of thought in saying yes to giving this guy a ride was that I had him by about 5 inches and twenty pounds if it came down to a scrap.

Well, the Sands turns into the Albertsons on Keystone, I get a snapple and hand him five dollars. He then tells me that by the Albertsons, he meant the Raley's up the street. Taking him up there and gassing up at the am/pm I found out that he isn't out of gas, but out of diesel, which the am/pm on Keystone does not offer.

Well, the arab mart on Fifth street does offer diesel. We travel down there and he asks me for another five bucks. Already in it for five dollars and a snapple, I think what the hell ecxept that I used the rest of the change for the snapple on gas, so now I only have four twenties. I go into the arab mart and buy a reserve snapple, changing my twenty, and hand him another five dollars.

I bid him adieu and drive home to the apartment that I don't pay rent or utilities on to do the homework for the classes that I get paid to take. This guy needed some help tonight and definitely needed a few bucks. I really don't know why I let him in my car, or why I shelled out ten bucks to a stranger but I feel like less of a pessimistic asshole, at least for tonight.

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