Monday, April 30, 2007 


If only Barry Goldwater was running...

Issues that concern me.

*Personal Freedom
No governmental intrusion on personal freedom, rights, or general carryings on unless there is a reasonable reason to do so.
I want the Patriot Act repealed.
The Department of Homeland Security should be dismantled and its responsibilities should be separated into the various pre-existing agencies specified for maintaining non-intrusive domestic security.
Gun control limited to background checks and automatic assault rifles.

The American system works only when there is an educated populace. Education is more important than anything. As the bodies of information and knowledge continue to vastly increase, we need a population that is ready and able to further this knowledge as a general contribution to the world as a whole. More and higher paid teachers, better learning facilities, and greater accessibility to a collegiate degree.

*Alternative Energy
Federally supplemented research, development, and implementation of alternative energy. Alternative energy will only serve to lessen carbon emissions, reduce dependence on foreign resources, and spark massive economic growth.

*Economic Opportunity
Encourage the growth of new business. Tax the wealthy to a greater degree than the poor and middle classes regardless of political contribution. Minimal taxes collected to keep a minimally intrusive government running. Government contracts awarded through a highly competitive process and wholly separated from political personal interest. Energy should not be falsely inflated in price. Companies proven to be engaged in predatory economics will be penalized.

*Separation of Church and State
Do not attempt to use political office to further a religious agenda. Do not use religious agenda as a motivation for political decisions. It is acceptable to use religion in regards to your personal morality; it is not acceptable to attempt to infiltrate any branch of government to further any religious cause to any degree.

Keep America diverse while still maintaining American ideals and culture. The American-Mexican border needs to be regulated much heavier. A national identification card should be required for all citizens to obtain employment or governmental services. Employers of illegal immigrants should be penalized. Forgers of documents for illegal immigrants should be penalized. Birth certificates and Social Security cards should have much greater security and counterfeit protection than they currently possess. Immigrants should demonstrate that they will uphold a mutually beneficial relationship with their new country, and should wholeheartedly identify with American ideals.

*National Security
A technologically superior and highly mobile military should be kept. Once again, military contracts will be awarded in a highly competitive process and held to their original budget. These contracts should not be extremely lucrative, but should also be lucrative enough to entice great amounts of private interest. Domestic security will be non-invasive and carried out in accordance with established individual rights.

*Environmental Issues
Alternative energy should be given great priority. National Parks should be increased in size and number. Alaska will not be relied on for oil resources of any kind. Greater emphasis on personal alternative energy generation and use. Lower emission rates for automobiles and industry. Clean efficient public transportation more widely implemented and emphasized. Consideration given to other countries to implement lower emission policies.

*Foreign Policy
Complete withdrawal from Iraq. Emphasis on mutually beneficial relationships with other nations. Rebuild relationships along with economic and political ties with Europe. Domestic implementation of alternative energy will reduce reliance on foreign resources and lessen American political interest in the Middle East. Foreign aid based on American interests. Congressionally backed entrance into conflict without exception. No preemptive conflict. Encouragement of domestic manufacturing and superior quality of American products.

*Taxation and Government
Taxes should be collected only to keep an efficient minimal government running. Government expenditures should be kept at a minimum but should still be able to cover all expenses necessary to this minimal government. All failing or non-essential governmental programs should be rethought and reimplemented or disbanded. Government employees should be given competitive salaries and demonstrate a high level of competence. Standards for governmental employees should be kept and promotion should be based upon merit instead of seniority.

What will you be basing your vote on?


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