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Thursday, March 09, 2006 

Barry, this is all the proof I need.

I don't need a book to tell me that Barry Bonds is juiced up. He shoots up more nuke than Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. Steroids are obviously prevalent in baseball and something should be done to keep the record books from becoming a joke. Home runs are entertaining, but if and when Major League Baseball cracks down on steroid use, expect to see those home run numbers fall off harder than Tony Danza.

Barry Bonds in a Pirates uniform looks like Hank Aaron in any uniform he ever wore. Barry Bonds in a current Giants uniform looks like a big asterisk.

Bonds broke his bat and still hit a home run. Period. End of story. Fans outside of San Francisco hate you. Why don't you hang up the cleats (and the syringes for that matter) and call it a career? Hank did it with no 'performance enhancers' and through the civil rights movement. Hank had pitchers throw at his head instead of pitching away. He received daily death threats while you just receive injections.

756 will come with a huge asterisk if it is achieved by Barry Bonds.

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