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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

March Madness

The NCAA Basketball tournament is hands down the best sporting event in the world. A 65 team free for all. There are maybe ten teams that have a legitimate shot to win it all but the other 55 teams are playing with reckless abandon while ready and willing to knock off the favorites. Six games in row against never seen before opponents in often hostile conditions under a national spotlight is all it takes. I think I might take the month off school and put spend some quality time with my leather couch and television.

Growing up in Virginia City, we always had an annual school sponsored pool, two bucks per entry came out to be around 80 dollars to the winner. What an experience. It could be basically summed up as widespread underage gambling but being in Nevada no one thought twice about the legality of it. I won the thing twice, gaining hostile comments from the Principal and teachers who were also in on it, and at lest ten times the money I put up.

The past few years, Nevada has made the tournament riding teams led by Kirk Snyder and Nick Fazekas, knocking off teams like Michgan State, Gonzaga, and Texas. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your underdog team pull off an upset of a higher ranked school.

Nevada is on a 14 game winning streak, heres to hoping they make it to twenty.

Go Pack!

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