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Sunday, May 27, 2007 

L & P

World Famous In New Zealand Since Ages Ago.

Back in the day...when mens fashion wasn't cutting it...

L&P advertisement: Stubbies

Back in the day...the place to be all summer was the school pool. Luckily your mum was on the PTA and had the pool key

L&P advertisement: School Pool.

For the record L&P is a sweet carbonated lemony soft drink bottled solely in New Zealand. Their (former) ad campaign is absolutely hilarious.

Also listen to the ...L & P radio spots

Back in my day at the pool it was Dr. Pepper and Payday candy bars. The depth charge was called a jack knife and it wasn't Teresa McKee getting soaked, it was the irritable half asleep lifeguards. Mr. Moore, the pool caretaker, was Mr. E and there was always too much chlorine in the pool. Blonde girls would come out of the pool with a nice green tint to their hair and opening your eyes underwater meant that you would need a nap immediately upon returning home. The diving boards were used to hone our quarterbacking skills by throwing nerf footballs at unsuspecting jumpers and no one wore a 'man skin.' The concrete pool deck was used as a towel if you just rolled over a couple times. The 'wait a half hour' rule after eating was constantly broken and touching the bottom at the deep end was a great accomplishment. There was no need to stop by the office because everyone knew that our pool pass was in the box. Nobody ever really swam except to get to the side after jumping off the diving boards and getting kicked out for 15 minutes happened about every 16 minutes.

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