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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

What is there to win?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush said Tuesday that he believes the United States will succeed in Iraq, and that if he didn't believe so, he would withdraw U.S. forces.

Implementing a national democracy during a time of civil strife in Iraq, what a proposition. Comprehending what this democracy will accomplish and how it is to the benefit of the United States is beyond me. Although I claim to have no great understanding of culture or government in the Middle East, I do know Islam will continue to govern the behaviors and habits of its inhabitants. A democracy stands a snowballs chance of hell of working in a tense civil and religious conflict.

Democracy will be rejected because the religious majority will easily seize control through majority rule and exercise their agenda with a constitution or without one nullifying the previously untested and untrusted system of government in the region. Although democracy has its roots not far from Iraq, it has become an Americanized symbol and institution, especially if America is the entity forcing it upon a nation. A Democratic system is just as likely to be shrugged off in Iraq because of their well founded general dislike of America as it is to fail because majority rule will continue to represent a religious majority, completely contradicting the system that is currently operating in America.

A few things about this bother me. One is that the president states that he believes that we can win the war in Iraq. What is there to win? The one and only thing that America should have and interest in in the Middle East is oil yet today I paid $2.63 a gallon for gasoline. I think I am missing the connection between a democracy in Iraq and me paying less for gas. Oh wait, there is no connection. Another is that over 300 billion dollars has been spent for what? A failed attempt at instilling a system of government which will inherently fail and a war which only increases anti-American sentiments in other parts of the world. I just don't see the incentives.

Over 2100 American troops have died and although I support those willing to fight for my freedom to type this, I wish that they were dying for a cause that I am supportive of. This war is not one for territory or retribution or defense, it is a war that is being conducted without Congressional approval, without public support, and one that America stands to gain nothing from.

What if America took those 300 billion dollars and spent them wisely domestically? What if Americans still had those 300 billion dollars and spent them as they pleased, which would in turn boost the domestic economy? What if we stayed the hell out of conflicts that weren't ours to fight and in turn set an example, an example worth fighting for to emulate? The American system could be the epitome of government if there was more domestic federal attention.

Lead by example not by coercion. Watch as the oppressed people in other countries follow the ideals of liberty and democracy. Democracy and freedom are ideals that are perhaps best learned from experience. Remember what this country is founded upon.

We seem to agree on much the same thing. Your blog has kept me here for 49mins. heh, then you got me stuck on the intelligence test for another 20mins... !


What if Islam stretched from Spain to Indonesia and Israel was nuked?

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