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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Family of six survives two weeks of being stranded in an RV stuck in the snow.

A family driving through southwest Oregon in their RV encountered some bad weather, slid off the road, and was stranded in the Oregon wilderness. The family survived out there for sixteen days before sending out two of the members who found help.

Wow, what a story.....Sike! This story would be great if there was more than one member of the family killed by a bear, another dead of frostbite, and yet another eaten because they picked the shortest straw. This family, the Strivers were stranded in a 36 foot RV stocked with food, had propane for heat, and had fuel to generate electricity. People pay to stay in cottages smaller than this RV, heated by a fire, and which are probably more isolated and likely to be crossed by a bear. Surviving in a 36 foot RV with all the amenities still intact is not anything deserving of admiration. These fake ass outdoorsmen even had television.

"Wilderness rats" my ass. Try hiking firewood up a quarter-mile long driveway in winter storm conditions through four foot drifts every night for a month. If that RV was at the bottom, I would have been more than content to stay at the bottom.


I used to live around those parts Will.

First of all, a 35' motor home with a single axle will bottom out on the ass end real quick.

Grind to a halt right now.

Secondly, any idiot that pulls off the asphalt in one of those boats IS an idiot.

Third, anybody that lives around there KNOWS there are only a few ways to go from I5 to the coast. Period.

There are no shortcuts.

Fourth, I know the road they were on. That sucker is no fun in just the rain much less snow.

Fifth, any bozo knows that you cannot turn a 35' MH around in much less than a WalMart parking lot.

Sixth, all they had to do was start a smokey fire.

Lastly, I used to live in a place where the damned 'driveway' was 4 miles long. It made your old driveway look like an interstate.

After the first big snow in early October, I had to walk out of there. At night. In a foot and a half of snow.

Those idiots waited until there was 5 feet.

They lucked out.

...and now they've disappeared again, on the run from meth charges. Real family values in an RV.

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