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Friday, March 24, 2006 


Go to hell you potential osteoporosis candidate milk slandering whiny bitch. Milk just might be the greatest thing ever.

Furthermore, PETA is the biggest joke ever. Obviously animals need to be eaten, used for obsolete fashion, and produce milk for me to drink.

"But animals are so cute and stuff...feelings...blah blah blah." SHUT UP!!!!

If you want to protect animals, tell sharks or bears or kittens to mutate and gain an opposable thumb. Until then, I don't want to hear about it.

There ARE sharks with thumbs.

They are called 'lawyers'.

O, don't drink milk because it can add up to 300 calories, which is a serious issue for fatties trying to not have people throw up when they see them with a shirt off. Good call peta, now I can picture your organization as whiny, ignorant, steak-hating, and fat asses. And to anyone who doesn't take steak-hating as an insult, you clearly have never had prime rib and are a virgin panzy who gets picked last for dodgeball.

Steel, I love blanket statements and would also love to pass the bar exam and put my spin on the law. This country would do good with a rational non-ambulance chasing douchebag lawyer or two.

Prime Rib is the best kind of beef you can come up with?

Ummm, Will?

On my planet that is called a 'lawyer' joke.

Haha, I know, except you offended a potential line of work.

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