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Sunday, March 26, 2006 

Some Reasons I Tell Myself As To Why Staying In Reno For Spring Break Was Better Than Going To Mexico

*I didn't want to practice speaking Spanish.
*I sunburn easily.
*I don't like rowdy atmospheres where hot girls act like sluts and lose all inhibitions.
*What happens in Mexico doesn't stay in Mexico if it happens to be an STD.
*I enjoy freezing my ass off.
*Even though I love cheap Margaritas by the cubic meter, drinking Bud Lights inside with the two people who stayed in Reno was a much more responsible decision.
*I never would have downloaded Civilization 1 circa 1992.
*Being pasty white really accents my facial features.
*I would rather not patronize the Mexican economy.
*Montezuma's Revenge.
*The potential third time in jail would not have been a charm had it occurred in Mexican jail.
*Wet t-shirt contests objectify women.

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